Hello You…
I’m Laura

I strongly believe our lives are made to be lived fully & be enjoyed. To achieve this, it took me some time to realized what being healthy & happy means.

At 23 years old I was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis, which causes inflammation of the spine joint creating chronic pain and leading to loss of mobility of the back. To give you an idea, before it was discovered, I could not even stand up from my bed in the morning by myself.

This made me realized that I had to step change my habits if I wanted to live normally. Being healthy was not only a dictate of modern society it was the only way for me to live a normal life. Even if I always did some activities during childhood and was aware of what we consider healthy food, I only understood at that moment the impact it had on my body and mental health.

About 4 years later, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it took 2 years of surgery and chemotherapy before he passed away at age 62. Few months after my dad left us, I got the courage to ask for help as I realized I could not manage it by myself. I went to see a life coach. Coaching helped me a lot not only to understand & deal with my emotions during grieving but also in understanding who I am and what is important for me.

You get to learn a lot about life, your feeling & emotions during struggle periods. Your world gets upside down and all your beliefs get questioned. Going through difficult periods made me stronger for sure, but it also made me more aware of life itself and how I wanted to live it. I realized I am vulnerable, I will be hurt, I will fail, life will not go as I predict but I have the possibility to find happiness, joy & fulfillment in it.

In 2017, I decided to start my journey as a sport & life coach, to help others find their right balance in life. I believe a mind & body approach give better results in our personal development.

I strongly believe in people, maybe not a surprise that my favorite song has the following lyrics:
‘‘I heard a funny thing, Somebody said to me, You know that I could be in love with almost everyone, I think that people are the greatest fun” Alone again or – Love

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